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Future Edge Consulting is pleased to announce a new business initiative combining cloud servers, SQL database systems, and open source software to provide emergency services personnel with low cost systems to track the availability of EMS units, Fire apparatus, and Emergency/Police personnel.

Using simple point-and-click pages, users are able to track EMS unit availability across an entire county or region in real-time.

Click here for a slide show presentation on the reasons
EMS Availability is important to your organization.

The following pages provide a preview of the services we offer.

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Emergency Management groups do not have a consistent, organized method to communicate “real time” availability tracking for emergency management vehicles and personnel. Current delivery systems communicate information through phone, fax or email messaging, which do not provide immediate “real time” data to responders. Also responders across counties do not have an interconnected means to immediately view the availability of neighboring emergency vehicles and personnel. Valuable time is lost in responding to emergency situations when there is a delay of information of the availability of vehicles and personnel to respond to emergency situations.